All Americans Micro-Chipped By 2017

All Americans Micro-Chipped By 2017 Predictions From NBC News. NBC’s coverage of „Life in the US in 10 years time” gives an eerie prediction of what it will be like for Americans, as each and every one of us will be micro-chipped by 2017. They say it will be used as a high-tech device to help identify individuals immediately. It will help answer one question, „Am I who I say I am?” Many companies and devices already use retina scans and fingerprint scans to identify individuals. But that was just a buildup to the real tracking device the government wants to implant in all Americans by 2017.
In some states, people are fighting against this process fearing that RFID micro-chipping will give the government too much power to control the American people. Think about it, if you have this implanted into your body the government will know where you are at all times, what you purchase, where you live, who you are with and what your day-to-day activities are. There is nothing that you do that will be hidden.

The RFID microchip section in the ObamaCare law is located in Bill HR 4872 and located on page 1014 under the National Medical Device Registry. It describes a Class II device that is implantable and is now legally enforceable after the passing of this law.

link to the youtube video from NBC

see more here


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